Siforlat - Sistem Informasi Jadwal Sholat

Sistem Informasi Jadwal Sholat

Project Name:
Siforlat - Sistem Informasi Jadwal Sholat
Begin at:
01 October, 2018
Seen :
End At:
01 November, 2018

Siforlat - Sistem Informasi Jadwal Sholat | Prayer Schedule Information System application that displays prayer schedules in real time using node.js and Ruby on Rails as Web base and Android studio as its Application (Muhammad Arifin as Mobile Developer). This application is used as a substitute for running text on prayer schedules that are in mosques today using SMART TV.
This application is open source


  • Ruby 2.41
  • Rails 5.2.1
  • Devise
  • Active Admin
  • Ruby Slim
  • Postgresql
  • Capistrano
  • Node JS
  • Nginx


  1. Clone this repo git clone [email protected]:muhammadyana/sistem-informasi-jadwal-sholat-siforlat.git
  2. bundle install or bundle
  3. rake db:create
  4. rake db:migrate
  5. rake db:seed
  6. rails s
  7. Open browser http://localhost:3000

for more information please visit in github repository